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Samia has consecrated her life to serve our Lord Jesus Christ. This was also the beginning of Samia’s own inner-healing journey and prayer ministry that led her to become a messenger and an instrument of God’s healing love to His children.

Professionally, Samia worked as a lawyer for over ten years. However, in her personal life, she spent extensive time in the inner-healing and evangelization ministries over the past ten years. She aggressively pursued her own inner-healing which allowed her later to minister to others on their own healing journeys - especially after having been thoroughly trained in both basic and advanced courses in Francis McNutt's Christian School of Healing Prayer and also Theophostic Prayer Ministry as well as other Catholic healing prayer ministries.

In June 2006, Samia felt a strong desire in her heart to write her first autobiographical book, The Bridge between the East and West: A Journey to Truth through His Love.  While in deep prayer, the Lord Jesus confirmed to Samia that writing this book was an important part of her life’s mission as it would bring the Lord closer to the hearts of many who would experience His healing love while reading about her life’s journey. The Lord Jesus instructed Samia that it would only take her 30 days to write the book if she lived a sacramental life centered on the Eucharist, deep prayer and fasting throughout that period. Samia began writing the book on July 17, 2007 and the book was completed on August 15, 2007, exactly 30 days later.

In July 2008, Samia was invited to Twin Falls, Idaho, to do missionary work at St. Edward’s Catholic Parish until May 2009. Samia set aside her career as an attorney to follow God’s Will in her life by serving Him on a full-time basis to bring His healing love and presence to His hurting children.  In June 2009, Samia returned to Sacramento, California to continue her ministry. Through the generosity of Immaculate Conception Parish in Sacramento, our Lord Jesus has provided her with an office space to provide for her inner-healing prayer ministry.  In addition, Samia travels nationally and internationally to give her testimony and speak on various topics related to the Catholic faith and inner-healing.

About the Author:

Samia Mary Zumout (pronounced “Samya”) was born in Jordan in the Middle East to a Catholic family. Her family immigrated to the United States in 1983 when she was thirteen years old. Samia attended the University of California at Davis where she received Bachelor of Arts degrees in International Relations and also French. She later received her Juris Doctorate from the University of San Francisco School of Law. Samia is fluent in four languages: English, Arabic, Spanish and French.

In 1990 after Samia studied in France for one year, she went backpacking throughout Europe with a couple of friends. During the trip, Samia traveled to Medjugorje in the country of Bosnia-Herzegovina (formerly known as Yugoslavia) where our Blessed Mother Mary has been allegedly appearing daily since 1981.


This experience changed Samia’s life as she experienced in her heart, for the first time in her life, our Lord Jesus’ immense love for her in a very profound and life-changing way. Our Blessed Mother Mary led her on her path to living a sacramental life centered on the Eucharist.

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