A Journey to Truth through His Love

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An inspiring autobiography about Samia Zumout’s own life journey towards God and His immense Healing Love.  Samia courageously and intimately shares her heart’s journey as she recounts her life story, hurts, inner heart’s wounds, failures, moments of despair and the lies that she believed about herself that prevented her from experiencing God's love for her in fullness. She shares how the Lord Jesus freed her from these lies and healed her heart’s wounds through His infinite Love. Amid her quest for God, she finds someone she never expected to find:  herself.

Our Lord demonstrated to Samia that everything in her life - good and bad – has its purpose. Samia's story will challenge you to look deeply into your own heart and inspire you to find answers to your own life's hurts and challenges through reading about hers and the victory that 
our Lord gives us as He heals our wounds and draws us into His love for us!

In June 2006, Samia felt a strong desire in her heart to write this autobiographical book, 
The Bridge between the East and West: A Journey to Truth through His Love.  While in deep prayer, the Lord Jesus confirmed to Samia that writing this book was an important part of her life’s mission as it would bring people closer to His heart as many would experience His healing love while reading about her life’s journey. The Lord Jesus instructed Samia that it would only take her 30 days to write the book if she lived a sacramental life centered on the Eucharist, deep prayer and fasting on bread and water throughout that period. Samia began writing the book on July 17, 2007 and the book was completed on August 15, 2007, exactly 30 days later.

About the Book:

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