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Individual One-on One Prayer Sessions

Professionally, Samia had worked as a lawyer for over ten years. However, in her personal life, she spent extensive time in the inner-healing and evangelization ministries over the past eleven years. She aggressively pursued her own inner-healing which allowed her later to minister to others on their own healing journeys - especially after having been thoroughly trained in both basic and advanced courses in Francis McNutt's Christian Healing Ministry and also Theophostic Prayer Ministry as well as other Catholic healing prayer ministries.

This is a prayer ministry based on the belief that a person's present emotional pain is often rooted in misinterpretations (lies) embraced during life experiences.  This is not to say that some emotional pain is not due to what is happening in the present, but there are often historical roots as well.  Our emotions tend to match what we believe.  If I am feeling something then I probably believe something.  For example, if an adult feels shame when he thinks about a sexual abuse memory, the shame is not because he was abused, but because of what he believes about the abuse.  Perhaps, he may believe the abuse made him dirty or was his fault (lies).

The emotional pain one experiences in the present is often coming from a lie contained in an earlier experiential source. If the emotional pain is being generated by a lie rooted in earlier faulty thinking, true release of the emotional pain in the present will not likely occur unless the person is able to identify this falsehood and receive God’s perspective and freeing truth.

This prayer ministry acknowledges that Jesus is the only one who can truly release the wounded person from their emotional/mental bondage. This does not invalidate the role of the prayer minister but acknowledges that apart from Christ we are ineffective in accomplishing God's desire for the wounded soul. This prayer ministry is all about the healing Love and liberating Truth of our Lord Jesus.  Jesus is the Truth and He wants to set us free from our bondage and our lies. He wants to bring His Light into the hidden or dark places in our lives.  
“I am the way, the truth and the light.”  John 14:6

Ever since Samia had left her legal career as an attorney to serve our Lord Jesus on a full-time basis, she completely depends on Divine Providence (donations) to provide for her daily needs. Through the generosity of Immaculate Conception Parish in Sacramento, our Lord Jesus has provided her with a complimentary office space to provide for her inner-healing prayer ministry to God's children.  Please note that Samia is not an employee of Immaculate Conception Church or the Catholic Diocese of Sacramento.  She does not receive any compensation or salary from anyone or any organization. She fully relies on people's generous donations to sustain herself to be able to continue serving God on a full-time basis through her inner-healing prayer ministry.  Each prayer session usually lasts about 1.5 hours.  Samia does not charge a fee for what she does but gratefully accepts and appreciates donations for her time to be able to continue her inner-healing prayer ministry and pay her monthly bills and educational expenses.  Please note that Samia is not a professional counselor or a licensed therapist but rather Samia is a trained prayer minister.

If you would like to make an appointment, please contact Samia at samiazumout@yahoo.com. Please make sure to add in the Subject the following:  
Request for an Appointment in Inner-healing Ministry.   All prayer sessions are held at the Immaculate Conception Church Parish Office, located on 3263 1st Avenue, Sacramento, CA  95817.  Each prayer session is held confidential.

Appointments with Samia must be made in advance.


Samia encourages people who come to prayer sessions with her (especially the people who profess 
the Catholic faith) to  remain in God's Grace and to resist the temptation to sin and the attacks of 
demonic spirits. To become stronger spiritually, Samia urges people to use the powerful spiritual 
weapons given by the Catholic Church that have helped her on her journey of inner-healing and 
union with God.  

Samia strongly recommends doing the following things:  living a Sacramental life by  frequent 
reception of the Eucharist, daily if possible (John 6:5-58) and frequent confession of sins (John 20:
23); reading the Holy Bible daily; praying frequently the Rosary prayer - daily if possible; fasting 
frequently; spending time in prayer (especially before the Blessed Sacrament) and praying the 
Chaplet of Divine Mercy.

Please download the Hold Harmless Agreement.