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Through the authors journey of suffering and finding God, I was able to relate and come to God for a relationship I had been longing for, but felt unworthy of. I began going to Daily Mass and falling head over heels in love with Him! I believe this book is truly inspired by God to 
bring his suffering children closer to him. I had the privilege of meeting the author and was able to talk to her and see she is real and an ordinary person just allowing God to do his will through her. She has a wonderful testimony. (www.samiazumout.com)   If you are going to read only one book this year...it NEEDS to be this one. God Bless! - Andrea Perez

Samia's book is very well-written, engaging, as well as spiritually important and worthy of publication and I think it will help many people. I discern that it will have a special meaning for "career women," trying to find God in the midst of the stresses of that life.
 Dr. Ronda Chervin (Author and Professor)

Zumout considers everyone her “sibling” and maintains that the love of God and one’s fellowman is the only authentic bridge.  Thoughtfully written, intimately expressed, “the Bridge between the East and the West” echoes the words of St. John:  “See what love the Father has bestowed on us so that we may be called the children of God.” - Martha Wilson

You cannot imagine how much I enjoyed the simple yet at the same time brilliant reading of Samia’s book.  In many places, I felt like she was describing my own life.  The concept of the “School of Love” and “graduation” from this life that she mentions in her book clarified greatly many important aspects that I had questions on in my life.  It is a very precise analogy.  Also, even though I have read many other books that discussed the concepts of good and evil in the world and why there is still evil in the world if God exists and is powerful, Samia’s book definitely clarified things to me that I had to share what I was learning with my family especially about the great love that our Heavenly Father has for us through His gift to us of our “free will”.  That was wonderful.  Thank you Samia.  You will live in my heart forever.  I thank God for this privilege of having allowed me to enter into your life through this marvelous book. – Miguel Farfan

Samia’s determination to do what the Lord has called her to do is inspiring beyond words.  Her trials and successes are a "real" example and exhibit the realities of living a life in dedication to our great God.  This beautiful story is truly a masterpiece filled with obedience, sacrifice, determination, peace and the wondrous power of the Lords unconditional, healing LOVE. - Kristin Grillo

This book was an affirmation for me of how immeasurable is God's love.  Also it showed me that we just have to open our hearts to HIM so He can heal us.  He makes new all things including myself through His Love. - Marizol Ploche

By identifying with the author's experiences, the book draws out suppressed feelings and childhood experiences that account for the majority of our suffering as adults.  A necessary step towards inner healing."  -  Rasmiya Masoud

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