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From the very first time I met Samia, I felt her love and passion for Our Lord and His Blessed Mother. Reading Samia's book opened my heart to a much deeper understanding of my own journey in life and the importance of God's love as He sees me. If you are open to the Holy Spirit, this book will move you to a much closer and intimate relationship with God and others through LOVE.  - Grateful in Christ - Maureen Masters

This book represents the Light like the Star of Bethlehem that guides those who read it to the Truth, to Peace and to Spiritual Faith.  May God bless this book and your heavenly inspirations forever. - Rosa Pombo

amia, your book is a live image of the mission of each human being, to know and to love God profoundly.  Chapter by chapter, you take the reader by his hand to get to know God, just like the Blessed Virgin Mary took you into the arms of Jesus in the blessed land of Medjugorje.  Your life captured in this book is truly a path and a hope, the bridge to reach Jesus.  In each word, every paragraph, you show us how Almighty God loves us unconditionally and fervently desire our successful graduation of the School of Love (our earthly life) showing how He is present in each instant of our lives, even those moments that are humanly impossible to bear.  “From Him we came, and to Him we will return.”  - Teo and Juanita Gonzalez

In reading this book I found answers to questions I had wondered about for years. What Samia calls "Samia's theories" in relation to God’s operations made a world of sense and gave clarification beyond my imagination. This is a book I feel everyone should read. - Debbie Silva

I found Samia’s book extremely inspiring; it helped me set my priorities in my life in the right order.  I couldn't put the book down once I started reading it, and that’s the truth. - Ramzi Zumout

Samia's life gave me very concrete examples and insights of what it means to be in God's school of love here on earth. I strive to follow her example and seek the lessons God has for me in every person, every event, every suffering.  – Mary Rice

he triumph of Truth and the victory of Love! - Helen Churchill

Samia is a spiritually gifted person who has helped strengthen me in my own journey of faith, thru her constant encouragement and example of living the will of God. Her book confirmed for me that God is a loving father even through all our trials and tribulations here on earth. I couldn't put it down. Thank-you Samia and I love you! Yours in Christ, - Marie Leatherby

The book is the beautiful and raw account of a life filled with joy, laughter, struggles and pain.  Samia's journey helps us understand the meaning of life, God's immense love for us and most importantly that God is always with us.  Samia's life, experiences with God and our Blessed Mother are inspirational to all.  It is this deep faith and love that has helped me open my heart to know Jesus personally changing me in ways never imagined.   This is priceless! – Wendy Saca

God’s truth revealed through Samia's story has the   power to touch and heal the heart. - Alysa Boucher, M.F.T.

Samia's book is a living inspiration to me.  She transmitted her personal life's journey and allowed me to enter into my own journey from the beginning of my creation "God looked at everything he had made, and he found it very good", Gen 1,31.  Samia's open-hearted and honest story presents a personal revelation unto our own life and need for inner healing. Take your own journey and experience the amazing power of God. - Maria Leon

I identified with many of the things that you narrate in your book.  In these last two years, I have been working on several aspects of my life and your book was very helpful to me. It gave me important elements and it reaffirmed in many ways what God has been trying to show me.  Your book was a great birthday present.  - Alessandra M.


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